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“At the core of every great relationship is trust”

Trust goes far beyond always being available; it includes being a resource in every aspect of someone’s financial life and not waiting for something to go wrong before talking about it. We want our clients to trust us and in exchange for that trust we must be able to provide a professional level of advice and service.

Our Process

Investment Solutions is a full service financial planning firm striving to build financial balance with appropriate priorities and proper organization. We are located within a number of Roundbank branches to help ensure our clients can easily find us and we have access to other important financial resources. With our clients, we do not lead with a financial plan built on unattainable assumptions and unrealistic risk.

Fundamentals First

If you’ve never heard Fundamentals First in the context of financial decision making, don’t be alarmed. We believe that having goals is important; however, knowing where you should be financially at every stage in life is empowering.

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Social Security Support

Social Security can be an overwhelming topic for many, knowing what questions to ask, and more importantly when to ask them can lead to even more confusion.

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Online Resources

We’ve compiled a robust list of resources to help as you try to answer questions or just learn a little more about a topic on your mind.

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Upcoming Events

We believe that education is the foundation of good decision making. Throughout the year.

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Financial Articles

How Women Can Narrow the Retirement Saving Gender Gap?

Steps toward saving more & revitalizing your retirement strategy. When it comes to retirement saving, many women lag behind many men. Historically, that has been the case. The 2015 edition of Financial Finesse’s annual survey, The Gender Gap in Financial Literacy,...

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How Can Women Save More for Retirement?

Suggestions to accelerate & maintain the pace of the effort. Numerous articles have mentioned the obstacles women can face as they save for retirement. Turning from the negative, here are some positive factors that may help women save more. Financial literacy....

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Do Women Face Greater Retirement Challenges Than Men?

If so, how can they plan to meet those challenges? A new study has raised eyebrows about the retirement prospects of women. It comes from the National Institute on Retirement Security, a non-profit, non-partisan research organization based in Washington, D.C. Studying...

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